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PITNEY BOWES Purchase Power

Purchase Power


A Purchase Power account enables Pitney Bowes clients to conveniently pay for postage and office related expenses on one account  including meter and permit postage, Pitney Bowes mailing supplies, equipment rental payments and purchases and carrier overnight/shipping (Fed Ex UPS DHL USPS and local carriers). And as a Pitney Bowes client you earn valuable rewards with every dollar you spend through your Purchase Power account  rewards can be redeemed for postage, supplies, gift cards or merchandise from leading retailers.
A Purchase Power account provides clients with great benefits for postage and office-related expenses:
Convenience  one account for your postage and office related expenses
Peace of Mind  never run out of postage
Funds Management no idle prepaid funds and no last minute checks for postage
Accounting Control  online reporting tools provide real time and historic expense details
Payment Flexibility  pay the minimum, the full amount or anything in between
Rewards earn free postage supplies or other great merchandise



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