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PITNEY BOWES Total Postage Management

Total Postage Management


Managing postage and carrier expenses can be time consuming, and even the slightest problem can lead to delays, extra work and added cost. Now you can simplify mail management with the one online tool that provides the functionality and flexibility you need to optimize cash flow, streamline processes and increase visibility enterprise-wide.
Transparency and awareness
See all postage expenses instantly: meters, shipping accounts, permits and mail service provider payments, even non-Pitney Bowes meters.
Easier reporting with more detail
View, track and administer expenses - across all locations - through a dynamic online system. With real time information and up to 18 months of history you can monitor balances and expenses, download data into accounting software, or product tracking reports to gain an enterprise level view of your postage expenses.
Whether you choose to pay later or pre-pay, simply click on Total Postage Management after creating and logging in to your online account at



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